Cloud 5.25 (2022)

This study focuses on the speaker ‘Cloud 5.25’ production case designed by reinterpreting the ‘Yeun-Sang,’ the traditional Korean furniture. Speakers are becoming a universal living room interior object by the enlarging screen size of TVs. Rather than a simple modern or Western retro design, a speaker design that modernizes the traditional beauty of Korea was attempted. The study for this was conducted as follows. First, the semantic position of speakers in the modern living room interior and the reason for selecting the ‘Yeun-sang’ that became the motif were described. Second, the structural analysis of the ‘Yeon-sang’ was conducted, and these were classified into four categories through collected image data. In addition, the structure of the ‘Cloud 5.25’ speaker was designed by reinterpreting the structure of ‘Yeun-sang.’ Third, research to utilize traditional Korean patterns for decoration was conducted and used in the design—the way to utilize the traditional lacquer as finishing was researched with its characteristics. Finally, the ‘Cloud 5.25’ participated in the \’Hand Art Craft Contest\’ hosted by ‘Handi art Korea’ and won the best prize through four days of exhibition, and collected and analyzed the opinions of judges and the public.

This paper attempted to utilize the elements of traditional Korean furniture in the current era and reviewed them through evaluation by experts and the public. Through this, I intended to contribute to the development of modern design using the traditional beauty of Korea.

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