Recovery (2018)

We are wounded in life, and the wounds are external influences. In relating to a being other than ourselves, we are wounded, and that wound remains within us. But there’s no need to be afraid. Wounds heal. The scars that have been twisted and misaligned over time recover themselves.

The work, Recovery, consists of four wooden boxes. They resonate with light and sound in sequence, according to their cycles. Each object repeats itself over and over again in a synchronized rhythm. However, each box is affected by the visitors. Sudden changes in the surroundings (sounds) affect the boxes’ behavioral cycles, and the affected boxes’ rhythm is disturbed. It could be the whole thing or just one box. But the balance of the whole is distorted into imbalance. Over time, when there are no more jolts, when it becomes quiet again, or when noise becomes the norm for the boxes, the boxes gradually find their original cycle, and the whole rhythm is restored.

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